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Downsview Hangars being hung out to dry

Submitted by on Monday November 9, 2009 – 11:19 am | 2 Comments
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Downsview Hangars. ( Photo from Spacing ).


Shawn Micallef penned a post on Spacing Toronto about the imminent demise of the Downsview Hangars.

It was the Diefenbacher Diefenbaker Conservative Government which axed the Avro Arrow program and physically dismantled each and every plane.

In hindsight, most everybody realizes the colossal mistake that was to our City and Canada’s then leadership in the aerospace industry.

These two hangars may not look like much, yet ghosts of the Avro Arrow era echoed whenever I passed by the base and looked at them in the distance.

And that’s the point.

It is important to keep pivotal buildings around and not send them out to pasture, for when we pass by them, even if for a moment, we connect to who the City was, and who to we are today.

Apparently, the Harper Conservative (Minority) Government is finishing off what little was left by Diefenbacher Diefenbaker.


  • Frank Mills says:

    Diefenbacher? Seriously? Am I really going to trust your reporting on an issue when you don’t even know how to spell the name – and aren’t even willing to look up the proper spelling – of a former prime minister? Wow. Talk about lazy reporting.

  • HiMY SYeD says:


    Thanks for catching my incorrect spelling of the former Prime Minister’s name. I did one quick search and then posted.

    From Wikipedia: “The name was originally spelled Diefenbacher but was Anglicized following his grandfather’s death.”

    My bad.