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Is Royal Canadian Mint making a "TTC-Rex" $4.00 Token in advance of Toronto's Pan-Am Games ?

Submitted by on Tuesday December 1, 2009 – 10:16 am | No Comment
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Coin. Canada Four Dollar Bimetalic Coin and Potential TTC Token.


Two Hundred and Fifty Million Years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. They died and became oil. Today the TTC uses that oil to power its buses. We use tokens to ride those buses.

Lately the approach to introducing fare increases apparently belongs to the Mesozoic era rather than something expected of our current era, the 21st Century.

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced a four dollar coin with a Tyrannosaurs Rex motif on one side and Her Majesty on the other.

Beginning in 1987 the Loonie began replacing the one dollar bill followed by the bimetallic Twoonie stepping into the vacuum left when the two dollar bill began exiting circulation.

Hold on to your wallet, we could be seeing a $4.00 coin soon.

Why a four dollar coin and not a five dollar shekel to replace the five dollar bill?

And why now?

Logic would suggest a five dollar coin should follow and begin entering circulation as the fin begins its swan song.

Logic however apparently has not been top of mind during the recent fare increases and the TTC.

The current TTC token woes and temporary return to paper tickets have invited all kinds of debate as to the future of transit in the Greater Toronto Area and rising fares to ride that transit.

The Presto Card, a smart card for transit passengers, rebooted its pilot program this week at select entrances. But it won’t be fully rolled out til sometime around the Pan Am Games hitting town.

Enter the Dinosaur.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the third silver coin in the Dinosaur Series put out by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Perhaps the silver bullion could be replaced with less expensive aluminum and this four dollar coin could enter regular circulation in time for the next TTC Token shortage.

Instead of dubbing it The Founie following the naming convention of the Loonie and Twoonie we could call this potential new Token design by its proper the name:

The TTC-Rex.

Soon enough, we’ll be dropping four loonies, two twoonies, or a single TTC-Rex to ride the rocket.

You heard it here first.

UPDATE : 1 p.m. December 2 2009 (via Twitter)

CanadianMint @HiMYSYeD “T-Rex” is a non-circulating limited-edition collector coin that can be purchased from the Mint @

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