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Joe Pantalone: 10% wants to remain Deputy, 90% sure wants to be Mayor

Re-Elect Joe Pantalone Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina 2006 Campaign Sign on Stanley Terrace. Re-Elect David Miller 2006 Campaign Sign in Window on Stanley Terrace. Photo by HiMY SYeD.


Toronto’s Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina, Joe Pantalone announced today in an exclusive interview to The Globe and Mail‘s City Hall monitor, Jennifer Lewington, that “He is ’90 per cent-plus’ sure he will join the 2010 race in January.”

Joe Pantalone Ward 19 City Councillor for Trinity-Spadina at the Little Italy Festival on College Street in 2006. Photo by HiMY SYeD.Mr. Pantalone has been at City Hall for 29 years.

2009 has been especially challenging for him:

The Ossington moratorium passed by City Council on Joe Pantalone’s insistence was a sledgehammer rather than the delicate surgery in zoning that Ward 19 Torontonians were waiting for.

We’ll have to wait until early January 2010 when Mr. Pantalone will make his “100-per-cent declaration”.


  • Me says:

    Himy Syed, community activist and businessman should be our next City Councillor for Ward 19!

    Where do I send my campaign contribution?

  • Bryan L. says:

    I really hope Joey runs. Then we finally get to ask him some questions about the items you listed above. And, best if all, he will no longer be my councillor. Win-win!

  • HiMY SYeD says:

    @Me – Campaign contributions prior to one’s official declaration is illegal and will disqualify anyone who pre-maturely announces their candidacy. Pre-Amalgamation Mayor of Toronto, Barbara Hall ran into this trouble when she was “reserving” campaign contributions ahead of her seeking the Big Chair in Amalgamated Toronto. Hence, there is no such place to send campaign contributions prior to January 4, 2010.

    @Brian L. – Don’t count on it, in the 2006 municipal election, Mr. Pantalone kept avoiding any invitation to debate his fellow council candidates until the one and only 40 minute debate a few days before the actual election, where he only chose to answer three questions.

    Yes he may no longer be your councillor, though he may yet become your/our mayor.

    In other words: Win/Not-Exactly-Win.

    There will likely be upwards of a dozen people who will step forward and run for City Council to represent Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina whether Mr. Pantalone antes up and runs for Mayor or not.