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“Kosher Bacon” Potato Chips spotted at Grey Cup 100th Anniversary in Nathan Phillips Square

Submitted by on Sunday November 18, 2012 – 3:50 pm | No Comment
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As part of the Grey Cup 100th Anniversary Party going on all week in Nathan Phillips Square, munchies and drinkies are being handed out by event sponsors.

Spot the Tim Horton’s guy and get a $2 Tim’s Card. Find the Pepsi Girl, and you walk away with a zero calorie Pepsi Max.

Got the munchies? Look for the potato chip guy. He’s handing out small bags of Kosher Bacon Potato Chips.

Kosher Bacon?

It’s simulated flavouring, of course, so unless we taste the real thing, which is a non-starter for observant Jews and Halal eating Muslims, how would we know?

I devoured the entire bag in no time.

Conclusion: Fake Bacon is Tasty.

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