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Meredith & Geoff invite kids to paint together while waiting for Santa Claus Parade to arrive

The 108th Annual Santa Claus Parade winds its way through major downtown streets today. When it reaches King and University, Santa may spot Meredith and Geoff with a peculiar work of art.

It’s a canvas painting created mostly by kids who were waiting for the parade to reach deep into this part of the Financial District.

With a million-plus people lined all along the parade route, parents have learned to arrive early to secure a choice viewing spot. Kids however, can get restless waiting with not much to do until the floats and the bands arrive.

Enter Meredith and Geoff with easel, canvas, paintbrushes and paint inviting kids to run with their imagination.

Christopher and Veronica provided ambiance via Guitar solos.

Babak’s mom, he’s the young boy with the red jacket, was obviously pleased stumbling upon this surprise. She couldn’t stop smiling the entire time her two boys were painting together.

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