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Ontario Ceremony of Remembrance, Queen’s Park

The Province of Ontario held its official Remembrance Day Ceremony in front of the Veterans’ Memorial Wall in front of the Queen’s Park Legislature.

For Dalton McGuinty, this would be his final Remembrance Day address as Ontario Premier.

Ontario’s Ceremony of Remembrance, Queen’s Park, Toronto Canada, Remembrance Day, November 11 2012

Province of Ontario Queen’s Park Remembrance Day Ceremony.Sunday, November 11 2012.10:45 a.m.Queen’s Park, front lawn

Storified by HiMY SYeD · Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:25:27

HiMY SYeD – Ontario’s Ceremony of Remembrance, Queen’s Park Toronto Remembrance Day November 11 2012himysyed
Sunrise ceremony silent sentry duty completed. Didn’t move for 70 min. Now on to Queen’s Park ceremony. Busy morning of Remembrance.Steve Fisher
Soldier’s Tower & Wall of Names of Students who fell, University of Toronto #RemembranceDay Ceremony SYeD
Office of the Premier, Dalton McGuinty | Honouring Our Soldiers At Remembrance ServiceOntario’s Ceremony of Remembrance service will take place on November 11 at 10:45 a.m. on the front lawn of the Main Legislative Building…
Ontarians Invited To Join Premier McGuinty At Queen’s Park Ceremony

Premier Dalton McGuinty is encouraging Ontarians to gather this Sunday at Queen’s Park to honour our veterans during Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Ontario’s Ceremony of Remembrance service will take place on November 11 at 10:45 a.m. on the front lawn of the Main Legislative Building at Queen’s Park. The ceremony recognizes the sacrifices and bravery of Canadian soldiers who served our nation in times of war, and during peace keeping missions, for nearly a century. The service includes a 21-gun salute, a youth pledge and the laying of the wreaths on the Veterans’ Memorial Wall.

People will have the opportunity to pin a poppy on the People’s Wreath to recognize the sacrifices made by our troops and give thanks for their extraordinary service. Two minutes of silence will be observed at 11 a.m.

Headed to Queen’s Park for #RemembranceDay. For my grandfather who served in WW11& for men & women who have immeasurable courage.Lindsay Maskell
Remembrance Day Ceremony at Queen’s Park. Lest We Forgetsheldon.mellis
On my way to cover the #RemembranceDay ceremony. Join me at Queen’s Park today to salute our veterans and troops. #fbFiona Y
Affecting Remembrance Day ceremonies all throughout Toronto today, from St. James to Old City Hall to Queen’s Park #lestweforgetKsenia V
On my way down to Queen’s park for Remembrance Day. Jordan looks precious in his uniform.Aranel Nostariel
94 Wellesley: Buses detour via Bay, College, St. George til 1 pm during Remembrance Day ceremonies at Queen’s Park. Toronto
En route to #RemembranceDay ceremony at Queen’s Park. #onpoli #LestWeForgetDr. Eric Hoskins
Hearing bagpipes at Queen’s Park, preparations for the march. Remembering today. #lestweforgetArchie Wisco
"EYES FRONT", the veterans of the 48th Highlanders march past the 7th Toronto Regiment RCA Gunners, mostly Korean War and those that served on UN duties. I don’t believe there were any WWII Veterans there today, at least not marching. As a man of Dutch ancestry I give particular thanks to these veterans as they are part of just one of the many fine Canadian Regiments that liberated Holland directly. Thank you. #canada #veteran #service #soldier #army #48thhighlanders #igers #iphone #iphone4 #instaday #instahub #instagram #iphoneista #iphoneonly #instanation #instagrammer #infantry #soldier #vedaymvl12
Wearing a poppy? Leave it at a memorial site today like the Cenotaph at Old City Hall or Queen’s Park to remember those who fought for us.Melissa Grelo
At the veterans’ memorial at Queen’s Park today for #RemembranceDay. #onpoli #cdnpoli Paikin
In front of the whitney block at queen’s park, awaiting start of remembrance day observances. Paikin
Awaiting the beginning of the Queen’s Park #RemembranceDay ceremony. #onpoli Paikin
@Dalton_McGuinty has helped create an important tradition through the construction of the veterans’ monument here at Queen’s Park. #onpoliZach Paikin
Rememberance Day (@ Queen’s Park Veterans’ Memorial) S.
Today I remember Thomas David Rose. My great-grandfather. (@ Queen’s Park w/ 5 others) Arnold
I hear the cannons at Queen’s Park. #RemembranceDayJeffrey
Crowd gathers at veterans’ memorial at queen’s park. #onpoli #lestweforget Paikin
At the Queen’s Park Remembrance Day ceremony. Le Fevre
Pretty big crow gathered for Remembrance Day ceremony at Queen’s Park – I’ll have more on @680News McCusker
A fabulous day to walk from Koerner Hall down Philosophers Walk to Queen’s Park for Remembrance day service.Beer Lovers Tour Co.
At Queen’s Park for #remembranceday with @igniobstare #lestweforget Eng
At Queen’s Park waiting for the Memorial to begin. Walter
Howitzers at Queen’s Park Wisco
@migrantp in Toronto they aimed the guns at Queen’s Park directly at my apartment.Andrew Burke
Laying of wreaths now happening at Old City Hall & Queen’s Park. Watch here #lestweforgetCityNews Toronto
Queen’s Park is never more beautiful than on remembrance day. The vets, a respectful public. #onpoli Paikin
Dalton McGuinty’s Final #RemembranceDay Address as Ontario Premier. #onpoli SYeD
The "gunners at work" remembering those that have served and fallen. Thank you. #remembrance #rca #artillery #canada #service #soldier #igers #iphone #iphone4 #instaday #instahub #instagram #iphoneista #iphoneonly #instanation #instagrammer #armymvl12
I hear the cannons at Queen’s Park. #RemembranceDayJeffrey
Took this photo today at Queen’s Park #RemembranceDay ceremonies in #Toronto. #lestweforget Diamond
Dalton McGuinty [ambushed by?] Trinity-Spadina MPP Rosario Marchese post QP #RemembranceDay. #onpoli SYeD
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty doing that Politician kissing Baby thing. #RemembranceDay #onpoli SYeD
Steve Paikin with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, #RemembranceDay Queen’s Park. #onpoli SYeD
Retired Canadian General Rohmer. Queen’s Park #RemembranceDay Ceremony. #onpoli #lestweforget — SYeD
After #RemembranceDay Queen’s Park Ceremony, People pinned their poppies upon Peoples Wreath #onpoli SYeD
"People’s Wreath" in #Toronto’s Queen’s Park. #RemembranceDay #onpoli #lestweforget — SYeD
Excellent Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Queen’s Park 48th Highlanders cenotaph, followed by a parade through the streets of our fair cityKat A
#RemembranceDay Horse Parade, Jarvis+Shuter Streets #Toronto. #lestweforget — SYeD
Queen’s Park Memorial, after the service #LestWeForget #RemembranceDay Ridgway
We Will Remember ThemRemembrance Day in a time to reflect. For the sacrifices made by brave soldiers in the past and today by our armed forces. War is a terri…
Honoured & very proud to have sung at the 48th Highlanders of Canada Ceremony at Queen’s Park today. #RemembranceDay Bickle
Last light of the day in Queens Park. #midrunstagram pause to remember. @ Queen’s Park Veterans’ Memorial Bickerton
Went to the ceremony at Queen’s Park today. It was very well done. I plan to go again next year and recommend it to anyone who wants to go.Sabrina Biot
Hundreds of Ontarians attended the #RemembranceDay ceremony at Queen’s Park to honour our Veterans. Photos:
48th Highlanders Regimental Memorial, Queen’s Park Cres, Toronto. November 11, 2012. #LestWeForgetRenée Suen
News 680 : Thousands gather at Old City Hall, Queen’s Park to honour our brave soldiers: Large crowds gathered a… News World
Remembrance Day ceremony at Queen’s Park
Penelope and Amelia put their poppies on the People’s Wreath at Queen’s Park. #OntRemembers Yates
Touching remembrance ceremony this morning at the Queen’s Park Cenotaph, punctuated by the shock of artillery rounds fired off.Jon Beharry
Moving Remembrance Day service at Queen’s Park with @Dalton_McGuinty. Was also so nice to see so many young families there.Lindsay Maskell
This is where the #RemembranceDay service took place at Queen’s Park – I’ll have all the details on @680News McCusker
A simple but moving service at Queen’s Park for Remembrance Day. Please take a moment to reflect.Roger Petersen
Wonderful ceremony at Queen’s Park this morning….#LestWeForgetSue Duncan
@spaikin and he is the reason that Memorial is standing there at Queen’s Park. A remarkable force for goodJulia Sakas
Rembrance Day at Queen’s Park #OntRemembers Yates
Remembrance Day at Queens Park in honour of those who had suffer in combat @ Queen’s Park Veterans’ Memorial Pino
The Veterans Memorial at Queen’s Park following Remembrance Day ceremony #OntRemembers Yates
Thousands gather at Old City Hall, Queen’s Park to honour our brave soldiers. News
In remembrance of those who sacrificed their today – for our tomorrow #lestweforget @ Queen’s Park K T Tang
Remembrance Day Ceremony @ Queen’s Park McDonald
21 gun salute at Queen’s Park #lestweforgetErika de Jesus
Remembrance day ceremonies at Queen’s Park Nath
Remembrance Day, November 11, 2012. Queen’s Park, Toronto. Lest we forget. N
Haunting sounds echo from Queen’s Park Remembrance Day ceremony. Lest we forget.Chuck Thompson
Gen. Rohmer praises @Dalton_McGuinty for his initiative to build the wall of remembrance at Queen’s Park. #onpoli #RemembranceDayZach Paikin
Queen’s Park Memorial today! Come support our veterans this Remembrace Day 🙂 Lest We Forget mischelle
Very impressive crowd here at Queen’s Park for #RemembranceDay as @Memory_Project lays wreath for our #veterans. Diamond
@Dalton_McGuinty giving remarks at the Queen’s Park Remembrance Day Ceremony. Beautiful day. Lest we forget.Michelle Johnston

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