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This is just plain WRONG. Why did someone cut off the hand of the Black Guy at Ossington Station?

Submitted by on Saturday December 5, 2009 – 2:15 pm | 3 Comments
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Olympics Partner wall advertisement. Possible hate related defacement on Ossington Station TTC Subway platform Friday December 4 2009.


Yesterday, on the eastbound platform I spotted the above giant wall advertisement for an Olympics sponsor (They don’t pay me enough to mention the partner but you’re smart enough to figure out who it is).

Walking down the platform I had to stop in my tracks and look twice at where a red mitten should be on the left hand of the Black Guy cheering the Olympic Torch winding its way through Toronto.

Looking closer, his Hand was cut off.

The rest of the giant advertising poster was left intact and not defaced in any way. Someone had torn the poster at the left wrist of the Black Guy.

For the remainder of the day riding the rocket about town, I kept a look out for similar examples of defacement.

Thankfully, no.


People indeed had randomly been tearing parts of similar advertisements, that’s par for the course in Toronto, but no defacement as surgical as what you see above.

This is just plain WRONG and it pissed me off to no end.

It is NOT funny.


  • Rohan Jayasekera says:

    There’s no need to assume any nefarious motives. The hand extended outside the normal rectangle and was easy to pry off. Especially with the ridges around the knuckles. If the person had been white the same thing would have happened.

  • Raina says:

    Seriously? This is racism? Come on now, people deface advertisements all the time- maybe the person just wanted the mitten. I doubt they cared about the colour of the hand inside.

  • James says:

    Maybe the person wants to see more publicity for the Paralympic games? I actually find it a bit comical even though his hand/arm is an obvious target for vandalism. Who cares if he’s black?