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TO Council finally passes Billboard Tax (Toronto Sign By-Law) 29-12



Moments ago Toronto City Council after a marathon session over the past week  finally passed the Billboard Tax on outdoor advertising despite heavy lobbying from the Billboard Industry.


Rami Tabello of sent the above tweet immediately after the vote passed with the recommended tax rate intact despite numerous attempts by councillors influenced by the Outdoor Advertising industry to dilute the proposed By-Law.


@anthonyschein: - A crowd full of hardworking and winning activists at #TOcouncil

Jonathan Goldsbie sum things up nicely :


The vote means Toronto gets a projected $10.4 million in revenue in a time of budget cuts and tax increases no doubt coming in 2010.

Perhaps as important, Torontonians now have less billboards and less eyesores in the public realm.

The Billboard Tax and Signs by-law officially passed 29-12:

The vote on the Billboard Tax passes 29-12. Here's who voted and how.

The vote on the Billboard Tax passes 29-12. Here's who voted and how (via @ryanmerkley).

We’ll be posting a full article shortly about Rami Tabello and his crew from  the campaign who worked to make today’s By-Law a reality.

IllegalSigns basically got everything they wanted.

Til then please share your thoughts in comments below.

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