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Trading Places: George Smitherman wants to Mayor, Glen Murray wants to be MPP

Submitted by on Thursday December 3, 2009 – 12:05 pm | 3 Comments
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The Toronto 2010 Mayor’s race just witnessed its first horsetrading session as Liberal Party member Glen Murray is set to announce he will seek the nomination for the Toronto-Centre riding once George Smitherman vacates the seat in order to run for Mayor of Toronto in 2010.

Glen Murray was the Mayor of Winnipeg 1998 to 2004.

He resigned to run federally and lost.

Since then, he has made Toronto his home base while consulting on municipal issues via The Canadian Urban Institute, where he is the Chief Executive Officer.

Up til now the Toronto Mayor’s Race for Liberals meant Smitherman would have the best machine; Shelley Carroll would be able to raise money but not as much as Mr. Smitherman; and Glen Murray would win hearts and minds but perhaps not much else.

The local riding association has yet to announce any potential dates for a nomination meeting.


  • Chris Tindal says:

    It’s probably fair to refer to Murray is a Liberal party member now, but to be clear, as of last week he didn’t have membership in any party.

  • HiMY SYeD says:

    Thanks Chris,

    Noted and corrected.

  • Catalyna says:

    thx T.

    (Don’t sweat it. The party’s so over for Joey Pants).
    The GTA’s moronic inception gave sanction to carpetbagging and saw to it that the Office of Toronto’s Mayor diminished. Amaglamation created a nitemare for everyday Torontonians, once accustomed to living with relative ease in a well-run city, its infrastructure secured & respected,today,endure much lowered standards of living and inferior public service. i’ll contend that there hasn’t been a force a nature in the Toronto’s mayorial office since the GTA’s advent. Hey! Smitherman’s got game & never dyes his hair to look younger… .