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TTC Townhall – Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012

The Toronto Transit Commission held its #TTCTownhall tonight in Toronto City Hall.

In comparision with previous TTC Townhalls, this one was quite civil. One almost got a sense that the national past time of bashing public transit took a back seat tonight.

With the LRT vs Subway debate finally behind us (for now), many of the suggestions revolved around route improvements, changes to service hours, safety, wayfinding, and accessibility.

TTC Townhall – Thursday November 15 2012

The Toronto Transit Commission held a townhall in Council Chamber of Toronto City Hall on Thursday November 15 2012. Here’s what’s transpired…

Storified by HiMY SYeD · Thu, Nov 15 2012 20:25:17

The Toronto Transit Commission held a town hall on Thursday, November 15 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, in the Council Chamber.

The first half hour, from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., allowed the public to get specific information about TTC initiatives and operational matters, as well as speak one-on-one with TTC staff in the City Hall Rotunda.

The public forum began at 7 p.m. People asked questions, made comments or offered suggestions for improvement at the TTC. Senior TTC staff listened and addressed issues as they arose, hearing from as many members of the public as possible in the two hours allotted.

Seating was limited, admittance is first-come, first-seated. Extra seats were made available in the Rotunda downstairs. There happened to be enough seating for everyone in the Council Chamber.

Those unable to attend, followed along via Twitter, using the hashtag #TTCtownhall. American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and closed-captioning was available at the meeting.

Rogers Cable 10 broadcast live from 7 – 8 p.m. and streamed live at from 7 – 9 p.m.

TTC TTC holds next town hall November 15 at Toronto City HallThe Toronto Transit Commission is the quick, convenient and safe way to get around Toronto. The subway system is linked with buses and st…
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, TTC Staff Q&A, Toronto City Hall Rotunda, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
The #TTC’s next town hall meeting is this Thursday, 6:30 – 9 pm at City Hall. Details here: #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
#TTCtownhall Customer Service meeting is on Thursday, November 15th at City Hall (100 Queen St. W.) #fbAna Bailao
#TTC Town Hall tomorrow (Thursday Nov 15) 6:30pm at City Hall. Share questions/suggestions in person or on twitter #TTCtownhallMilly Bernal
Why can’t buses offload before picking up passengers at subway stations? #ttctownhallDaniel Brent
Why do vehicles short turn so close to the end of their route? #ttctownhallDaniel Brent
The #TTC’s next town hall is tomorrow evening, 6:30 – 9 pm at City Hall. Details here: Follow along at #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
Quick heads up to my followers: I’ll be live-tweeting tomorrow’s #TTCtownhall. Be prepared for a barrage of tweets.Justin Kozuch
(And if you have TTC-related questions, comments, or concerns, please tag them with #TTCtownhall. Thanks!)Justin Kozuch
@talkitytash Thanks for these comments. You can send tweets tonight during Town Hall with hashtag #TTCtownhall.TO Civic Engagement
@bradTTC here is the link to the page for the #live stream: when it starts the button will appear for the Stream.RogersTV_PR_TO
Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE tonight on @RogersTVToronto Cable 10/63 from 7pm-8pm. Or watch online:
@karenstintz Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE tonight on #RogersTV Cable 10/63 from 7pm-8pm. Or watch online:
CC: @TOMayorFord Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE tonight on #RogersTV Cable 10/63 from 7pm-8pm watch online:
CC: @TTChelps Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE tonight on #RogersTV Cable 10/63 from 7pm-8pm watch online:
Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE 7pm-9pm (online) at 7, click on the button that will appear "to stream live"RogersTV_PR_TO
CC: @TTCchris Catch the @TTCnotices #TTC Town Hall LIVE tonight on #RogersTV Cable 10/63 from 7pm-8pm watch online:
Looking forward to moderating the #TTCtownhall at City Hall tonight. See you there! Argyle
The #TTCTownHall will be streaming LIVE online at 7PM tonight. TV Toronto
The next #TTC Town Hall is taking place tonight, 6:30pm at City Hall! Or, join the conversation on twitter #TTCtownhallMilly Bernal
Join the #TTCtownhall at City Hall tonight – in person or by Twitter. The chance to talk 1-on-1 with TTC staff beforehand is great. #TTCKathleen McGinnis
Live-tweets of tonight’s #TTCtownhall is beginning at 7pm EST. Stay tuned for the play-by-play.Justin Kozuch
You can also tune into the #TTCtownhall live stream starting at 7pm EST: #TOpoliJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall $savings on optimizing #buses per route per shift such that they are neither running half empty nor over the capacity.Visda Vokhshoori
A lot of TTC staff here at #TTCTownHall ! At least ten or fifteen, and 40+ members of public so far. Nice to see.Cameron MacLeod
Coverage of #TTCtownhall will be kicking off in 10 minutes. Feel free to mute me; there will be a high level of tweets starting soon.Justin Kozuch
Also representing the TTC tonight is Chris Upfold, Chief Customer Service Officer. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
You can follow TTC management on Twitter at: @bradTTC (Brad Ross); @ttcchair (Karen Stintz); and @TTCChris (Chris Upfold). #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
I’ll be using the initials of TTC management instead of full names to save on character space. Breakdown coming up next. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Brad Ross: BR>. Karen Stintz: KS>. Andy Byford: AB>. Chris Upfold: CU>. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Moderating tonight’s event is Roanne Argyle (@roannea) from @ArgylePR. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
I’ll be using RA>. to denote when Roanne is addressing the audience. #TTCTownhallJustin Kozuch
Spotted at #TTCTownHall so far: @bradTTC, Andy Byford, @ThomsonTOCameron MacLeod
#TTCtownhall coverage starting in 1 minute.Justin Kozuch
Had lovely chats with @BradTTC and #TTC CEO Andy Byford about service improvements – up in council chambers for #TTCTownhall nowEmma Jenkin
Civic engagement yo #TTCTownHall Jenkin
The #TTCTownHall has begun! Watch online here TV Toronto
KS> "We want to hear from you about this format, if we’ve improved anything. We’ve seen a number of customer svc improvements." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
KS>: "I’d like to welcome Andy Byford to the panel. If you are like me, time is one thing we don’t have." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
At #TTC Town Hall in council chambers tonite. Good public turnout. Augimeri
AB>: "Good evening, welcome, thank you for coming tonight. We’re always hoping lots of people come and we see new faces." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I am focused on getting us back to basics. Moderninizing the system is way more than providing shiny new vehicles." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Yes we are bringing new buses, new streetcars and the YUS line extension." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I wish I could click my fingers and make better service happen right away. We’re introducing new lvls of accountability." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Is @jkozuch a freaking live-tweet wizard? I will be out-tweeted (for once) – feel free to mute me (#TTCTownhall) if this isn’t your thing!Emma Jenkin
AB>: "One key part of our customer service jigsaw is the brand new streetcar that arrived at the Hillcrest complex today." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Now showing a demo of new streetcar. 251 passengers, designated scooter/wheelchair/bike space. Low floor + accessible. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We now have a vision statement: ‘We want to create a transit system that makes Toronto proud.’" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We are quite determined to deliver that. We are quite determined to transform the experience." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "I will be moderating tonight’s townhall." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Our role tonight is to maintain fair, collaborative, and solution-oriented process. We want to hear from many voices." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Andy Byford is discussing the importance of culture change at the TTC in providing a transit system Toronto can be proud of at #ttctownhallTristan DowneDewdney
RA>: "We want frank feedback, and that’s how we’re going to get better. Everyone in this room wants the TTC to be better." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Let’s focus not just on the problems, but offer solutions. We’re going to limit your time to a minute and a half." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "We challenge you to tell us how to improve the customer service at the TTC. Routes, schedules, fares, etc." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "After each segment, the panel (TTC staff) will summarize what they’re hearing tonight." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall how can we expand the transit infrastructure without dedicated transit funding like a 1percent sales tax? #unlockgridlock.caSarah Thomson
RA>: "If you have a specific comment about a route, put up your hand and someone will come and address your question." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Neat video showcasing the journey of the new low-floor LRVs (unveiled this morning) opens the #TTCtownhall Augimeri
RA>: "Before I pass it over to Chris, a few questions" Lots of people came by streetcar. First townhall for many tonight. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCTownhall How does the #TTC reward it’s drivers for good service? #toronto #unlockgridlock #drlSarah Thomson
Helpful if every now & then the #63Ossington could make a short turn 2 its old route so we don’t have 2 wait 4 it 2 go thru LV #ttctownhallD
#ttctownhall the volume of riders during rush hour N & S on the university line is noticeably packed, what sense of urgency is there to fix?Doug McNair
Chris Upfold up now to talk about the customer service changes and progress the TTC has made. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We are now cleaning all trains at the end of the line. Washrooms refubished, cleaning regularly." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Should avoid switching routes to short turn in the middle of service. They should start short turn, or go all the way.Ken E.J.Ramiro
CU>: "Focusing on interior/exterior of vehicles. Wash racks now in service. 47 stations with debit/credit card at booth." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "More products, tokens, passes available at booth. Sprucing up of booth has been done. Presto is coming." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Check out this video showcasing the new low-floor LRVs (unveiled this morning) opens the #TTCtownhall Parker
@karenstintz #ttctownhall what about the DTRL?Doug McNair
CU>: "People want a smartcar. TTC is the second largest user of Presto, next to GO. Largely implemented by 2015." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Presto will be a slow and progressive rollout. Doubled customer service hours." Cites @ttchelps @ttcnotices. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We’re getting back to 90%+ people in 5 days or less. We’re doing explainers on YouTube, talking about why things happen." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Talks of smart card fare system at #TTCTownhall is really encouraging. *really* can’t wait (but curious how heavy usage alters fare cost)Emma Jenkin
@jkozuch Why not build new East portal/upgrade Union Streetcar Loop along w. QueensQuay construction while 509/510 not running #TTCtownhallTwoScoopsKP
How about monthly/weekly travel passes that start on the day you buy them? Current system is such a rip-off! #ttctownhalltorontonewbie
#TTCtownhall The @twitter initiative through @TTChelps is a great addition to service! I use it very often!Ken E.J.Ramiro
CU>: "Focused on tracking our progress, and we’re being honest/transparent about that. Daily scorecards." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall Customer service response more than 90 percent of people. Daily score cards – know performance on every route.Sarah Thomson
Dear TTC, the centre aisle of the new streetcar looks to be about the same width as a single stroller. #cork #ttctownhallAlan Smithee
7am-10pm are the new TTC customer service hours – expanded significantly over last year. Website now shows daily scorecards. #ttctownhallTristan DowneDewdney
Why is presto a slow rollout? #ttctownhallBluecharlie
CU>: "We’ve expanded customer satisfaction and mystery shopper survey. We’re getting a wealth of information." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
PRESTO is coming. In stages, over the coming years. In fact, TTC is already the second biggest user of PRESTO. #TTCtownhallJohn Parker
CU>: "We’re partnering w/ our customers to help keep our systems clean. We’ve expanded our Request Stop program to all riders." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "New equipment is coming. Trains, streetcars." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
27 Toronto Rocket subway trains now in service! More still coming! #TTCTownHallCameron MacLeod
CU>: "What’s coming? This is just the start. We’re bringing more service. In Dec 2012, despite cutbacks, more hrs of service." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Can I also say it’s great that the #TTC now allows *anyone who feels vulnerable* to get off a bus between stops at night. #TTCtownhallEmma Jenkin
Request stop more segregation..always wondered why it wasn’t for anyone who feels vulnerable #goodchange #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
CU>: "WIFI is coming to our stations. New uniforms for our staff. Maybe we’ll give them a pocket watch." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Wifi coming to stations. That’ll be great. #ttctownhallSasha
CU>: "Articulated buses coming too. Luggage racks will be on these buses. You’ll see these end of January 2012." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
TTC plans to offer wifi at stations eventually. At #TTCtownhall #slAarti Pole
CU>: "We’ve got new stop poles coming as well." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
*gasp* clearer maps and signage at bus stop poles?! Very good to hear. I could never work them out. #TTCTownhallEmma Jenkin
CU>: "Customer service is iterative. We will be building on it." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
New shelter maps and bus stop poles — with INFORMATION — coming soon, to the 94 first! They look good. #TTCTownHallCameron MacLeod
#ttctownhall Wellesley will be pilot bus line for new bus posts with more obvious and complete information/maps.Tristan DowneDewdney
#TTCtownhall. WiFi is coming to the TTC.John Parker
#ttctownhall what transit systems does the TTC benchmark itself against in terms of service, network scale, and rider satisfaction?Bluecharlie
By not firing them. #work “@ThomsonTO: #TTCTownhall How does the #TTC reward it’s drivers for good service? #toronto #unlockgridlock #drl”gregory alan elliott
"My name is Casey. 50 year rider. Escalators are a real problem. When you take one out of service, there’s no replacement." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Luggage racks coming in Jan to the #TTC 192 Airport Rocket… great news! #TTCtownhallWilliam
Improved customer service would be nice, but it’s just lipstick on a pig if vehicles are regularly late and/or overcrowded. #TTCTownHallbrwl
"2: last bus of the night. If the driver makes an annc: ‘This is the last bus on this route, etc’ this will be beneficial." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Follow @jkozuch for live #TTCTownHall tweeting if you’re not already, btw.Cameron MacLeod
Interested in transit in Toronto? Tune into the #TTCtownhall Res Urbis
#TTCtownhall – I see the value in that "last bus" announcement! I AGREE!Ken E.J.Ramiro
Kevin from Scarborough. "Been reading about proposed routes to keep capacity on Yonge down. I have an idea." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Speakr brings up probs w downed escalators. Agree. Spoke w/ staff abt helpful signage. But what abt those who can’t do stairs? #TTCTownhallEmma Jenkin
Follow @jkozuch for livetweeting of #TTCtownhall. JP #TTC #topoliKaren Stintz TTCteam
"Start building under Yonge, near Union, Dundas, Bloor, St Clair and Eglinton. The existing line would be a local line." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Man now pitching the idea of a New York-style express line for Yonge Street #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"Idea would be to have a shorter run times. 6 minutes from Union to Bloor." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall One customer suggests tunnelling a Yonge Street express route directly beneath the existing Yonge subway line.John Parker
Stefan (?): "You’ve been doing a fantastic job in the past year. From the customer POV, keep up the good job." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhallRahul Gupta
I love Toronto’s top #TTCTweeps, @jkozuch and @jaketobin! Thanks guys! #TTCTownHallC_onfessor
#ttctownhall and first off someone suggesting expressline alongside Yonge a proposal that get’s raised at every single transit discussion.Sarah Thomson
"Some feedback: Customers aren’t quite familiar with Presto and weren’t familiar how to use card. Neither did TTC operator." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Everyone one of them doesn’t know what the Presto card is, don’t know about the Presto website. Need to educate staff." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
EASY! Move people closer to work. #transit “@ThomsonTO: #ttctownhall how can we expand transit infrastructures without… a 1% sales tax?”gregory alan elliott
#TTCtownhall: Item of note: Bus/Streetcar operators in affected area should know about subway disruptions to accommodate passenger overflow.Ken E.J.Ramiro
Stephan is making an excellent point about the PRESTO cards and how to help people with them. # ttctownhallSasha
#TTCtownhall brings up growing pains of Presto card roll out/adoption. Oh yeah it’ll be a doozy. But we’ll get through it.Emma Jenkin
Charles: "I would like to suggest the booth removed from the turnstile area to speed up the flow of riders entering system." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Suggestion for moving ticket counter away from turnstiles so it doesn’t impede people going through turnstiles #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
TTCtownhallMore of a student discount would be appreciated. #TTCtownhallKalyn Ruiz
#ttctownhall acknowledging good service through a reward program key to success -how does #ttc reward their frontline? #unlockgridlockSarah Thomson
"I like the Oyster system they use in London (England). Also, when buses take off from stops, they should do so more slowly." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Turnstile flow is very important #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, Suggestions, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
MT @KalynRuiz1: More of a student discount would be appreciated. #TTCtownhallKen E.J.Ramiro
#ttctownhall why are streetcar route supervisors only equipped with a radio and a thick pad of papers? … (1/2)Jeff Harris
Paul: "Nowhere for short people to hold on on new trains (under AC unit). Can we bring stand right, walk left back?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – YES. Bring back "Stand right, Walk left!"Ken E.J.Ramiro
"Need more consistent signage about what’s north/south/east/west for trains. A map of where exits are at stations." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall stand right, walk left peopleBluecharlie
Yes, yes, we all love London’s Oyster Card. We can’t be London, New York, or Paris. TO gotta be TO. #TTCTownhallEmma Jenkin
#ttctownhall (cont’d)… supervisors should have a tablet with live data from nextbus showing where all vehicles are on route (2/2)Jeff Harris
"Notice or flashing light for empty or near empty buses." Cites Dufferin bus capacity. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
That being said I am excited for when most turnstiles are automated w/ touch card, with dedicated good customer service staff #TTCtownhallEmma Jenkin
Who is doing the live-transcribing of the comments at #TTCtownhall and how can I get them to do my transcribing all the time.Jake Tobin Garrett
"We need more apps for iPhones or smartphones to help people navigate the system. We need to arm transit police." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Keep subways open until 3am from Thursday to Sunday. Enjoying last call and a cheap ride home. #ttctownhallDante Di Iulio
Signals for empty buses following crowded ones is a very good idea. # ttctownhallSasha
@TOYouthCabinet listening to deputations at #ttctownhallTrevain Britton
Lenny: "On the buses that lower and extend a ramp, put that ramp down for elderly and assist them on to the bus." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Marty: "The TTC is doing a good job. 2 concerns, I’d like to hear TTC drivers advise passengers to move to back of car." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Bus shelter at Fleet St and (missed street name) leaks when it rains. Please fix this." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall I hear many "please move back" announcements – both personal and computerized. Sometime’s drivers are angry and yelling.Ken E.J.Ramiro
As in past #TTCTownhall there are complaints ant other passengers’ behaviour. #TTC isn’t a baby sitter. Move the eff back & remove backpacksEmma Jenkin
#ttctownhall. Why, in this multilingual city, are the recorded announcements on subways, streetcars and buses only in English?Peter Tiefenbach
"@maldistuta: Keep subways open until 3am from Thursday to Sunday. Enjoying last call and a cheap ride home. #ttctownhall" on tv.. AmazingJoseph Frasca
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, Twitter Comments Shoutouts and Summary, Toronto Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
Ah! Got a little shout out for my civic engagement tweet at the beginning of the #TTCtownhall :)Emma Jenkin
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, Complaints, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
Harry: "Our great mayor used to give us 2 minutes at meetings. Elevator at Victoria Park E/B out Oct 24 – Nov 9. Then 13th." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Fascinating to hear people’s comments about the TTC from the large planning issues to the smaller this-shelter-leaks issues. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"I had to go one more stop past my destination, then come back so that I could use the elevator." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Team rocket riders #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
#ttctownhall smaller tokens pleaseBluecharlie
"Why didn’t you invite @GordPerks to the Rocket Riders group? He’s a councillor and has a lot of experience." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
(hey #TTCTownhall: any chance we could get a TTC app with a QRC code that we could load/swipe, like, say, Starbucks’? Buy passes w/cc, etc.)Rachel
A button that directly tells the driver to open the back doors would be appreciated when you can’t yell over crowded buses. #ttctownhallSasha
"97 Yonge is a pariah. Not allowed to go into Eglinton Center. It should have a priority lane to Steeles. No bikes allowed." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall in council chambers til 9pm. Rogers is live streaming. Or join conversation on Twitter #TOpoliJennifer Arango
"That should be given top priority. Maybe Bathurst, Dufferin, Keele should have dedicated lanes, too." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Patricia: "Thank you Cllr Stintz for giving me the opportunity to be here. Also, thanks to Andy Byford." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Um, the moderator is amazing. She knows how to handle questions and complaints. I am in awe. #TTCTownhallEmma Jenkin
"My concern is why is there a fare concern? So many people working hard, another increase willl be hard." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
The subway has to run past 1230 from eglinton to finch #ttctownhallSMC Athletics
#TTCtownhall 2013 department budget freeze means TTC service cuts. Without proper provincial funding, fares continue to increase.Lyba Spring
"When will the subway at Pape be fixed? I have to double back to take an elevator. So many buses coming into Pape Station…" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Talk about ‘Not in service,’ look at Sheppard East many-an-occasion.Ken E.J.Ramiro
"… at rush hour are out of service. I saw 4 or 5 yesterday, I had to wait almost 50 minutes for a bus." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Hurry up with that Pearson Airport station. Should’ve been built 30 years ago, same with a stop by the EX. #poorplanning #ttctownhallDante Di Iulio
"Why is a full train in rush hour asked to leave the train at Sheppard because it’s going out of service?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
HiMY SYeD — Andy Byford, TTC Townhall, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
Panelists now up. First: Andy Byford. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – #TOmarathon was announced all over the place. Maybe I was attentive to them more than average person would, but I saw them.Ken E.J.Ramiro
AB>: "Escalators/elevators: I don’t think our performance here is not good enough. We measure these against planned outages." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Do not privatize – not maintenance and certainly not LRTs.Lyba Spring
MORE accessibility @ subway stns. Broken escalators on a reg basis, no elevators at all. Oz stn is filled w/elderly,strollers!#ttctownhallD
AB>: "I think sometimes we slightly kid ourselves on this reality. We’ll firm up on our metrics." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Better hours and more locations needed for student card photo services #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
AB>: "Crews will be working weekends on one machine, and we think we can more than half the outage time/planned maintenance." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Why can’t these be done at night? We’re looking at that as well." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "The last bus should never, ever run early. We’re disappointed to hear that, and we’re going to put an end to that." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "When we go live with Presto, we won’t need collector booths. We’ll remove them and convert collectors -> supervisors." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Byford saying when Presto goes live there will be no need for booths, so he would like to mostly remove the booths. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
Byford! This guy! Delivering answer after answer to the eve’s questions. (And talks of London-style fare/cust service setup) #TTCtownhallEmma Jenkin
AB>: "Hand poles in Toronto Rockets. There aren’t enough of them, and we’re working with Bombardier on that design flaw." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Toronto pays higher fares than New York, London and Tokyo. We need more investment and a national public transit strategy.Lyba Spring
AB>: "All city councillors were invited, however some couldn’t make it because of schedules." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Why the fare increase? We don’t want to increase them, but TTC costs are going up. Increased service/new equipment." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Fare increase will be kept to a minimum. No more subsidy left. No WAY are we cutting service. Creating efficiencies." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Pape Station work will finally conclude in 2013. We’re having problems with utilities. We into the home strait." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Good job to @jkozuch on covering the #ttctownhall. Sometimes inane comments and responses, but sometimes great.Brian
Dear #TTC, can you explain why the 505 dundas streetcar is short-turning 2 blocks after yonge/dundas during rush hour everyday? #ttctownhallAlan Smithee
HiMY SYeD — Chris Upfold, TTC Townhall, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
CU>: "Stand right, walk left. I’ll get the lawyers to look at that, and see what we can do to influence customers there." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Byford: find efficiencies, increase service. Budget freeze will lead to cuts. Efficiencies to the "business" – privatization.Lyba Spring
CU>: "Oyster is basically what Presto is. Will make convenience easier, and I hope that people won’t miss the tokens too much." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "What happens with this event? We reply to comment cards, and you’ll see all of this online soon." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"I hope people won’t miss the nostalgia of the tokens too much." – @TTCchris #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
RA>: "We’re opening the floor again. We want to hear from you re: cleanliness, communications, your personal experience." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Katherine: "Service west of Dufferin is almost non-existent. Queen also is a long one. Short turn at Roncesvalles." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Two mentions of large strollers now comparing them to cars. First, Rolls-Royce and now Cadillacs. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"I propose Lansdowne bus goes to Jameson, over the (didn’t catch the name) and then back up to Lansdowne." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
@TTCchair Why not build new East portal/upgrade Union Streetcar Loop along w. QueensQuay construction while 509/510 not running #TTCtownhallTwoScoopsKP
Vomit cleaning costs.“@maldistuta: Keep subways open until 3am from Thursday-Sunday. Enjoying last call and cheap ride home. #ttctownhall”gregory alan elliott
HiMY SYeD — Alan Yule, TTC Townhall, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
Allan: "Q about 76 and 15, if we shift the 15 Evans Road by 6 minutes, we can increase the service by 50% at no extra cost." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Sad to leave #TTCtownhall on the early side. Will catch up on the tweets later. Huge thanks to all staff there tonight!Emma Jenkin
Checkin out the #ttctownhall on And to answer ur question, yes I’m a geek lolD
#ttctownhall come out to TTA transit symposium #TTC #transit #drlSarah Thomson
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, Women Safety, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
"Issue of routes being cut and women getting home safely. Hearing from women its largely ineffective." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Liz: "I take the 504 daily, I’d like to encourage TTC staff/commissioners during rush hour. It’s unacceptable." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Woman calls the 504 streetcar at rush hour an "unacceptable service experience." #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"Took a look at your scorecard, see streetcars are being targeted at 70% of service in 3 mins. I think you need to aim higher." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Folding Strollers.“@TDotOpenLetter: centre aisle of new streetcar looks to be about same width as a single stroller. #cork #ttctownhall”gregory alan elliott
“@jennifer_arango: #TTCtownhall in council chambers til 9pm. Rogers is live streaming. Or join conversation on Twitter #TOpoli”Leonardo Zúñiga
Charles: "Trains at Union St. Traffic from people on two lines using one set of stairs to get up and down." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Thank you to #TTC customers and staff who came to the #TTCtownhall tonight at #Toronto City Hall. KS Stintz TTCteam
Terry: "Why not hold one train back for a minute to give the foot traffic a chance to clear?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Tell it to bikes/cars stuck behind them. “@jaketobin: Woman: 504 streetcar at rush hour "unacceptable service experience" #TTCtownhall”gregory alan elliott
"After 28 years of riding the system, 90% stop right at the bottom of stairs. They’re all trying to get through one doorway." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Elaine: "Live just past Victoria Park station. Path leads into Teasdale. We need lights there, it’s dark there." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
@TTCchair Has anything been said about the door chimes on trains interrupting service announcements? #TTCTownHallAnshel Mark
"I go to church on Kingston road, near Jane. We need more buses there for churchgoers on Sunday." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
We won’t miss the Liberals either.“@jaketobin: "I hope people won’t miss the nostalgia of the tokens too much." – @TTCchris #TTCtownhall”gregory alan elliott
Tomas: "I really am seeing the differences in the stations and the bathrooms. Customer experience is getting better." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall rebate on Day Pass if it’s bought from in station paid area. If I pay then want to buy pass, changes decision to use TTC vs carDan Levy
Good reminder words mean different things depending where you live. "3 blocks a bit too far to walk," says Scarb questioner at #TTCTownHallCameron MacLeod
#TTCtownhall – More of that communicating to passengers should be done!Ken E.J.Ramiro
"Driver of bus communicated with passengers about why she’d stopped (was too far ahead of schedule)." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall @anshelMark @TTCchair announcements continue to be garbled and almost impossible to understand while in the subway.Lyba Spring
"Also extend hours on holidays to discourage people from drinking and driving." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Brian (?): "Offer passengers a receipt in exchange for getting off the bus in case not enough fare presented." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"When I was in high school, I received a $400 ticket for advising a friend to not get off the bus without getting a receipt." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"You’d be surprised by how many young people are unaware of this right they have." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
On my way to pick up a van to drive to London. Decided to stop in at #TTCtownhall for a few minutes. Jeanes
#TTCtownhall – I agree with speaker: People SHOULD show their Photo ID, but drivers and employers must strive to be polite.Ken E.J.Ramiro
#TTCtownhall #TTC should make #publicTransit sexier: Ex. "Swedish Subway – World’s Longest Art Museum" #TOpoliLeonardo Zúñiga
"No improvement in how operators are treating passengers over the past 20 years." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
The comment about fare receipts as part of the “fare is fare” campaign is brilliant. #TTCTownHall @TTCchairAnshel Mark
Might start a fight. “@jkozuch: "Why didn’t you invite @GordPerks to Rocket Riders? He’s a councillor, a lot of experience." #TTCtownhall”gregory alan elliott
"Many stations still don’t have a washroom. I have to spend another token just to use a bathroom." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
@indeedemma Missed you. I just got here. #TTCtownhallAndrew Jeanes
Pisantu… U r right #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
"2 wks ago at Warden/Lawrence. 4 ‘out of service’ buses drove by before I could get on. Why do you want to increase the fare?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – To the tito who is currently speaking: Most of your concerns have already been aired. And Dramatizing the accent doesnt help.Ken E.J.Ramiro
"I think TTC staff should visit, Korea, Japan, Singapore and China to see how badly the system is being run." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Employees being abused more..? “@jkozuch: "No improvement in how operators are treating passengers over the past 20 years." #TTCtownhall”gregory alan elliott
Woman suggests smaller, local meetings in different areas of city. She said she had to travel from Bathurst and Steeles. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
Tamara: "I’d like to thank the TTC for this opportunity to offer feedback. Maybe smaller meetings in local neighbourhoods." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"One comment about service at Bathurst/Steeles, not good/quick access to University line from there. Takes a long time." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Lots of concerns about accessibility issues in TTC stations: elevators, floor-to-ceiling turnstiles, broken escalators. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"Accessibility is an issue with floor to ceiling turnstiles, as I have a shoulder injury. Better signage/info in stations." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Private business opportunity… washrooms on #TTC property. #peeosk“@jkozuch: "Many stations still don’t have a washroom…" #TTCtownhall”gregory alan elliott
"If you are redesigning those poles, the small print is hard to read." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Lots of talk about accessibility at #TTCtownhall. Riders say every station should be fully accessible #TOpoliJennifer Arango
TTCtownhallMore of a student discount would be appreciated. #TTCtownhallKristina Robinson
#ttctownhall needs to consider later service on the weekend – all the money we put into cabs can be put into TTC instead…Nicole Rocha
Suggestion for #TTC #TTCTownHall from me: signs to indicate exits that aren’t bike-capable, so I don’t have to backup & go to another exit.Cameron MacLeod
HA! “@jaketobin: "I hope people won’t miss the nostalgia of the tokens too much." – @TTCchris #TTCtownhall”Jen Butler
#TTCtownhall – The TTC is not transit police. Common courtesy is lost on many people.Ken E.J.Ramiro
"Someone with a disability needs to be given the same courtesy as everyone else." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
New speaker: "Has there been a feasibility study in terms of double decker buses?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"If you want to use rail service from Pearson, there isn’t any." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Recent arrival to Toronto asks if TTC could have double decker buses. Ottawa does now. #TTCTownhallAndrew Jeanes
Lenny: "To Andy Byford, will new streetcars be compatible with ALL routes? Also, why would you not buy a compatible product?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"We have 11 streetcar lines, why do only 2 of them run 24 hours?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Why not run Bathurst from Exhibition to Wychwood?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Misinformed questioner thinks tracks being replaced for new streetcars (they’re not, just bigger platforms) and why do we need #ttctownhallCameron MacLeod
HiMY SYeD — TTC Townhall, Twitter Recap Toronto City Hall Council Chamber Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
Rowina: "Due to the increase of people on the subway. Every day, there’s a PAA being pulled. What’s being done about that?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
…New streetcars if we only run 2 lines 24/7? Except they’re bigger, accessible, air conditioned, he adds. #ttctownhall #headdeskCameron MacLeod
Man wants to know how the new LRT lines will help make employment more accessible in priority communities. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
Rick: "One of goals of LRT expansion is more accessibility and employment. Are they ensuring there are jobs in priority hoods?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"We need a DRL. From Union to Airport, Metrolinx spending $1.2B to build west DRL. ARL project near-term." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Why not work with Metrolinx to build western DRL line?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Andy Byford, @TTCchair, @bradTTC and @TTCchris have had a long day today. #TTCtownhallAndrew Jeanes
Deputant: "LRTs supposed to help create jobs in priority communities. How is TTC going to help with that?" #ttctownhall #topoliTrevain Britton
George: "Sheppard Line could be extended just beyond 404." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"On all stat holiday, fewer buses." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"As population in Scarborough gets larger, it’s getting harder to get where we’re going. Buses bunching up." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Announcement on TTC re: pregnant mothers. Because of the young kids with their social media, they don’t look up." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – One thing that’s common to many interventions: MANY HAVE NO MANNERS. Although, the TTC is not to be directly faulted in this.Ken E.J.Ramiro
"To Karen, what did you learn on ‘Undercover Boss’ that you’ll be applying to the TTC?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Lots of riders from across TO here. Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York & DT @ #TTCtownhall. Riders suggest having smaller local meetings tooJennifer Arango
"Since the last townhall, drivers still not informing passengers about short turns. One driver refused to tell me." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall Should avoid switching routes to short turn in the middle of service. They should start short turn, or go all the way.Ken E.J.Ramiro
Seth: "For PAA’s, why are there no TTC security personnel on the platforms? This will stop these 5-10 minute delays." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Miguel: "I’m a regular at City Hall. I sit over there all the time in the first row." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Will the transcripts you put online be what we’ve really said tonight?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"There’s green vegetation growing on the roof of a bus shelter. Is this part of the green roof plan at the TTC?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Man says that subway service needs to start earlier in the morning on Sundays. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
"What right do I have as a customer in case the police calls for a bus to transport a football team?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Rob ford shud have his own bus #ttctownhallJoseph Frasca
"@jkozuch: George: "Sheppard Line could be extended just beyond 404." #TTCtownhall" NO! Extend to Downsview, help cut Yonge congestion.Dan Levy
"Last Sat, couldn’t get a ride from Wheeltrans to library. After I finished my visit, I had to walk all the way to Fenside." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Miquel just had to remind them about the Mayor’s football team debacle. Yes. #TTCtownhallLara
John: "I take the first train each morning. If I miss this train, I’ll be late. There was a 30 minute delay on the Danforth." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"I want the TTC to post lates subways/bus info online so that I don’t get into trouble with my boss. There’s no excuse." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
The moderator of the #TTCtownhall is fantastic. She’d make a great #TOcouncil speaker.Jake Tobin Garrett
#TTCtownhall – Disruptions posted on @twitter via @TTCnotices is great! I use it! But I echo spkr that this needs to be mirrored elsewhere.Ken E.J.Ramiro
Kelvin: "Artwork/photography in stations may be inspirational. Green plants in stations for air purification." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Install washroom in Bloor Station in underutilized areas. Sanitizer by bus booths and near ticketing booths." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Ashley: "Injured entering a subway, leg bruised. Supervisor was very rude and disrespectful, didn’t want to take report." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"I’m now discouraged from filing any other reports." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch Install washrooms in all subway stations, please. #TTCtownhallPlacemaking Paladin
Luke: "Has the TTC considered opening up the decisions of the planning dept on the TTC website?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – #transit lovers don’t miss Transit symposium : 2 free tickets 1st email sarah@unlockgridlock.caSarah Thomson
Paula: "Bad injury on streetcar. I got up to ring the bell, and I lost my balance, and fell between the seats." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Gisele: "Commend you for having this townhall. I wish Via Rail would adopt this format." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"Victoria Park elevator/escalators not working half the time. I’d like to have a printed receipt, not a blank one." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Retired @VIA_Rail worker at #TTCtownhall wishes VIA would copy this town hall format. VIA has had public AGMs but not the same thing.Andrew Jeanes
"2 booths at Victoria Park station, but only one ever in use. Use both during rush hour. If you have them, why not use them?" #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall – Two-booth, one-manned is an issue at many stns! I also agree with StGeorge (unmanned booth at west entrace many times.)Ken E.J.Ramiro
RA>: "Lots of great comments tonight. I’d like to ask Andy to come up and wrap the evening." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Great #TTCtownhall tonight – this should almost be a monthly or every 2month thing!Ken E.J.Ramiro
HiMY SYeD — Andy Byford, TTC Townhall, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber, Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
AB>: "New streetcars are compatible with all routes. Routes are being ripped up to ensure state of good repair." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I have a particular thing about short turns. We have too many of them." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I want to see less of them. I’ve challenged my team to justify why we’re having them." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "It’s absolutely unforgivable, Ashley, that the supervisor was rude to you. I want to know who it was." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Andy Byford, #TTC CEO, wraps up #TTCTownhall with recap & a few short answers. SYeD
Byford really doesn’t like short turning streetcars. Wants to reduce them a lot and tell passengers reason when they do happen. #TTCtownhallAndrew Jeanes
AB>: "One of the points about the scorecard is that we’ll ramp up the targets. No point in starting at 90 if we can get there." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Byford says 504 streetcar route early candidate for new streetcars to improve capacity. #TTCtownhallJake Tobin Garrett
HiMY SYeD — Chris Upfold, TTC Townhall, Toronto City Hall Council Chamber Thursday November 15 2012himysyed
CU>: "If you have left a comment card, we WILL respond to it. Our mystery shoppers are customers we employ thru an agency." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Confidential to Andy Byford: read @SwanBoatSteve’s route analysis entries on his blog for short-turn insights. #TTCtownhallAndrew Jeanes
Questions/comments/responses from tonight will be up on TTC website in a few weeks #TTCtownhallJennifer Arango
CU>: "Hearing this from our customers is important, and I thank you for continuing to help us get better." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
And that’s it for tonight’s #TTCtownhall. I’ll collect all these in a Storify and share the link. Thanks for tuning in.Justin Kozuch
#30SongsOnShuffle#RewardYourself#TTCtownhall via @youtubeBadHabit
Saw Mitch Stambler in the audience. Pretty sure he’s worked for the TTC since the days of horse cars. #TTCtownhallAndrew Jeanes
#TTCtownhall summary: lots of accessibility concerns, better signage, short turn issues, and rude TTC riders habits.Jake Tobin Garrett
#IfItWasUpToMe #30SongsOnShuffle #RewardYourself #TTCtownhall Jennel #xfactor Paige Cece Tate Stevens Simon Cowell everyone can see me now:)Griffin James
Did you miss the #TTCtownhall? Check out our planning reporter @jaketobin’s tweets for some highlights.Novae Res Urbis
#TTCTownhall Developers make huge $ building condos in land in DRL corridor. Why not encourage funding from them? Benefits them AND us.H Liu
Just saw team TTC walk into the Duke for doubtless much-needed pints after #TTCtownhall.Andrew Jeanes
Toronto, come on. You have way too many great things going on tonight. #AOTID & @amirightfolks’ awesomeness, #TTCTownHall, & #loserkaraokeEmma Jenkin
We have posted the #TTCTownHall online. Watch here TV Toronto
@indeedemma Thanks, Emma! It was a great evening. #ttctownhallRoanne Argyle
@jaketobin. Thanks, Jake. We had so much great input tonight – and a respectful room #ttctownhallRoanne Argyle
I just read two hours of a #TTCTownhall meeting regarding Toronto’s public transport system by @jkozuch . Canada wins at civics…again.Pele dos Santos

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