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U.S. Election Night – The Academy of the Impossible

Tuesday Night / Early Wednesday Morning saw The Red States, The Blue States, The United States of America elect its FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!! again.

Four years ago in 2008, West End Torontonians communally pre-enjoyed tonight’s events for free, watching up on the big screen, at the Bloor Cinema. With a change in ownership and mandate at The Bloor, such nights alas are no longer possible.

Stepping into this wanting-to-watch-the-U.S. Election-with-strangers-and-friends fray was The Academy of the Impossible becoming venue for TruthMashup‘s open invite.

Here’s how we watched and waited via 140 characters until Barack Obama hit 270 Electoral Votes…

U.S. Election Night – The Academy of the Impossible

Tuesday Night, November 6 2012231 Wallace Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Storified by HiMY SYeD · Wed, Nov 07 2012 13:33:24

Don’t forget folks: Tuesday Nov 6 at 7.30pm U.S. Election Night Party in #Toronto @impossibledotws #topoli #uspoliTruth Mashup Radio
Campaign School: US Election Night | The Academy of the ImpossibleDo you find yourself talking to empty chairs? Are you frightened to death America will vote for Romney? Well then don’t be alone, come ha…

Do you find yourself talking to empty chairs? Are you frightened to death America will vote for Romney? Well then don’t be alone, come hang out at the Academy of the Impossible to celebrate the start of a new American Election Campaign! That’s right, after two years of hidden video cameras, homophobic fast food joints and even missspelling the word America, the United States Election is finally here!

Join us at the Academy of the Impossible on Tuesday November 6th to watch the U.S.A. elect a leader with the #topoli community. The guys at will start off the night with a live comedic podcast to set up the races to watch, all the while getting you caught up on the insanity that you’ve missed. We’ll be joined by special guests and countdown the funniest political YouTube moments of the last two years. Remember Herman Cain? Neither do we, but YouTube does!
Come watch the results roll in, while laughing at the most absurd media moments of the night.

So, don’t sit home alone and tweet this election by yourself, come hang out with us and tweet next to somebody! “Amercia Decides 2012” at the Academy of the Impossible will be this years most fun political meetup or Mitt Romney will give you your money back!

*No Secret Videotaping we promise!**
**We don’t actually promise that

If you’re voting for Romney, "this is a safe space." #ImpossiVotePope Shakey
Polinerdpocalypse 2012 #ImpossiVote @impossibledotwsRachel
We’re at the Academy of the Impossible for the #ImpossiVote. And yeah, we’re sitting by the drinks table. #prioritiesjunctionette
Hey #impossivote party has started… The room seems pro Obama so far. Speerin
Okay…leaving the twitter for some relaxation. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon tweeting inane things… #USAyyz #elxn24 #impossivoteBob Dunkin
Thanks @junctioncraft for sponsoring the #impossivote event.junctionette
Taking a poll whether or not to put on Fox News. #election2012 #impossivoteDan Speerin
@danspeerin I’ll BEAT YOU with that pole… er..poll… er…carry on… #impossivoteBob Dunkin
Google’s had enough of our shit. #impossivotePope Shakey
It seems as though @HiMYSYeD is here, HiMYSYeDing it up. #impossivotePope Shakey
The beer is chock full of heady goodness. #impossivotePope Shakey
Take care when moving a keg, folks! #impossivote Shakey
Intarnets restored at #impossivote; crowd applauds as they see @BarackObama in the leadPope Shakey
Heheheheheh "erectoral college" heheheheh #impossivotePope Shakey
64-40, what whaaaaaaat! #impossivotePope Shakey
Mood lighting is much better. #impossivotePope Shakey
@impossibledotws In #Election2012 who’s voting Romney? No, really, this is a safe space … #topoli #impossivoteBrad Lee
Just got the best sticker from the campaign!!! #impossivote Speerin
This is a room full of nerds at the #ImpossiVote
OH at #ImpossiVote: "The one time you want a frat boy around"junctionette
Beer cans have arrived! #impossivotejunctionette
"I’m surprised twitter is still working" – @popeshakey #impossivotejunctionette
We’re taking bets #impossivote. What’s your bet?junctionette
Romney leading 82-78 #impossivotejunctionette
Rage-el is filled with joy Liz Warren won. Someone piss her off, I’m not used to seeing her this happy. #impossivotePope Shakey
Weve got the feed at #impossivote. It features sad men & a Maddow lookalike in the studio they use for football.Corey Caplan
"These are excellent beer smoothies" – @popeshakey #impossivotejunctionette
.@popeshakey just split the last Caramilk with me SOCIALIST CANADIAN COMMIE PARTY #ImpossiVoteRachel
We have to deal with @johnboehner Orangey McOrangerson for a few more years. More obstruction. GG America. #impossivotePope Shakey
Fuck yeah Michigan! #impossivote
"Are there any Romney supporters here?" – @danspeerin #impossivotejunctionette
"Let’s light a cross for the Romney supporter!" #ThingsIMisheard #impossivotePope Shakey
We all raised a glass to the ONE Romney supporter. #impossivotejunctionette
Until girl shouted β€œTo men who hate women!” BRB, making friends. MT @junctionette: We raised a glass to the 1 Romney supporter. #impossivoteRachel
"@JoshMatlow’s on fire!" "Half fire, half water." #ImpossiVotePope Shakey
Eclectic Electorate. Say it five-times-fast. #impossivote #electionCorey Caplan
Tea Party gets a strong thwack in the bum with the Warren win in Massachusetts. #impossivote #electionCorey Caplan
"The internet has ways of shutting the whole thing down," @rachelmack says as the livestream freezes. #impossivotePope Shakey
Crowd cheers at #impossivote
Warren wins in Massachusetts yay! #impossivoteHoward Tam
Biggest cheers of the night for Warren’s victory.#topoli #impossivoteDan Speerin
Beer is gone. It looks like @rachelmack’s purse is where the party’s at. #impossivotejunctionette
"They’re time racists in the West Coast" – @popeshakey #impossivotejunctionette
Fuck yeah cheese! #impossivotePope Shakey
Robert Gibbs on ABC wants you to know he uses "fever" as a metaphor. #impossivotePope Shakey
"Alright serious political people, what are we talking about here?" "We’re talking about who farted." #impossivotePope Shakey
California! #impossivotejunctionette
Fuck yeah California! #impossivotePope Shakey
One more drink and I’m getting a crush on ABC’s fake Rachel Maddow. #impossivoteDan Speerin
#impossivote via @MarjonnekeNews Seen @impossibledotws Academy of the Impossible #topoli #Election2012Brad Lee
Political diehards be diehardin.’ #impossivote #waitingRachel
Obama 249-191 Romney via CNN #impossivote coupla minutes agoBrad Lee
No matter what happens i think we can agree its a great night for white pundits. #impossivoteDan Speerin
"Go Team Vagina!" "Team Vagina forever!!" #impossivotePope Shakey
It doesn’t get more meta than this #impossivote
Running in America on working Together is the funniest joke I’ve seen yet. #impossivoteDan Speerin
"Fox news just called it for Obama" – @danspeerin #impossivotejunctionette
#impossivote CNN projects Obama winBrad Lee
Hopey changey drones continue! #impossivotePope Shakey
LOL!!! Fox News now broadcasting Simpson reruns #impossivoteBrad Lee
America has elected their FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!! …again. : ) #USAyyz #impossivoteBob Dunkin
"Four more Drones" #impossivote chantDan Speerin
Whew America isn’t racist guys #impossivote #election2012Dan Speerin
Thanks to @junctioncraft tonight… You give Toronto businesses a good name! #impossivote #Election2012Dan Speerin
Watching some of the Fox News Footage finally, Umm #impossivote. I’m starting to think we should’ve watched. HiiiillariousDan Speerin
Listening to @LorenMcGinnis cover Toronto’s #Election2012 parties. Awesome to be a part of this piece for @metromorning! #ImpossivoteDan Speerin
Fox blames mainstream media. Arent they…? MT @danspeerin: Watching some Fox News #impossivote. should’ve watched. Hiiiillarious.Loren McGinnis
@ApartmenStories we owe ya, thanks so much for letting us put you to work for #Election2012! #impossivoteDan Speerin
Big thanks out to @jessehirsh @purpledocket and everyone @impossibledotws! Ontario Elxn Party in the Spring? #impossivoteDan Speerin
I don’t remember Diane Sawyer drinking with us last night @impossibledotws buut apparently she did #impossivoteDan Speerin
HiMY SYeD – US Election Night, The Academy of the Impossible, Toronto Canada Tuesday November 6 2012himysyed
To those who made the Academy of the Impossible (@impossibledotws) election event hit triple digits in attendance, thanks from @truthmashup.Truth Mashup Radio
CBC @metromorning did a segment on election night parties and included @impossibledotws & @truthmashup #Election2012Emily Pohl-Weary

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